I don't know about you but my family LOVES to have things "planned."  We do best when we have some kind of routine, right down to the kids. This was Sissy's and my conversation before:
Sissy: "What day is it tomorrow?"
Me: "Sunday"
Sissy: "Yay! That means we can break Unkie out of the house and have a Great Adventure fun day"
We are truly getting the full value and then some of our Great Adventure season passes/memberships (we have tried to go at least two Sundays a month, they have definitely paid for themselves)

     I am actually getting rather sad that school will be starting soon and my little monkeys aren't going to be home with me as much (I will actually have a whole two hours three days a week all to myself...can we say CRAFT TIME!!!...I mean whaaaa...lol)  It also means the lazy days of summer are almost over...boo!  But it also means the beautiful days of Fall are almost among us. 

    My nerd-tastic task that I appointed myself this evening was trying to put together a list of upcoming events for future weekends.  So I just sat with my cup of coffee and snack (JIF Whips and pretzels...yum!) and I scoured the web for local events from now until December...let's just say September and October are going to rock!!  The main reason I did this is I hate waking up on the weekend and thinking what can we do today, and by the time you find something to do a you are rushing to get there because there is only about an hour left before it is finished (we have done this many times...not fun).  Another reason is if there is more than one event for a particular day you know ahead of time so you can plan your time at each out and everyone in your party is happy.  Now all we have to do is check our list, make a selection, and plan from there...simple Simon.

    Well that is the excitement in my life for tonight...lol... at least tomorrow is our weekly Family Fun Day!!!

    Good night all, and thanks for stopping by!!
    So it's getting to be that time of year again when you are trying to squeeze in as much as you possibly can.  The kids will be going back to school sooner than later and we are trying to fit in as much fun time as possible along with school shopping....eek!!! And looming in the back of my mind is also Christmas (I actually had the kids start their lists already...just in case I come across anything on sale).  At times I seriously don't know how I keep my sanity during this time of year....lol. 
    So we have definitely been budgeting around here as I'm sure everyone has.  It's one of the ways we make it through the costs of kids needing larger clothes and new things for school.  It's like a well balanced stack of books with us feverishly trying to keep it from tumbing....lol.  Here are several ways we have found to ease the burden we bear, and help to 'make it work'.  On Facebook I'm part of a few parenting groups in my area (look and see if you have some close to you, if not start one, it's worth it) and we sell/swap clothes that our kids have outgrown, because let's face it most of our kids clothes are worn a few times and look perfectly new.  Another way we try to do it is coupons... worth it even if you need to make a few trips... I just racked up some awesome savings at Kohl's (I normally don't shop there but I got some amazing deals...they had a $10 off a $25 purchase in kids clothes, how can you pass that by?!?!?). I also love doing layaways...KMart is my favorite...and you also get the sale deals.   Another way we get deals is ThredUp, it's an online consignment type shop... I love it!!!  You can also order a clean out bag and send in your gently used clothes and make money...double score!!!  Sissy usually makes out like a bandit on that site, Mister doesn't have much luck , but then again boys are sooooo much harder on their clothes.  If you use the link above you can get $10 off your first purchase (trust me you can get several things for that 10 bucks!!).  Last but not least is simply clearance (Hubby says I'm attracted to red signs...I have to agree...lol)  Most of the time you can get great deals for next year (or even the beginning of the school year). I have a tote for each of my kids in the basement for "too big" clothes, that way I also have some on hand in case we have a growth spurt. Oh I almost forgot!!  Visit your local consignment shop...most of the time they can be a one-stop shop!   There are several by me that are awesome... there are a few that are for kids only and then there are some that only carry high-end items, but you will find that even these carry something for everyone!!  Oh and I can't forget help from Grandma (our angel in disguise) she definitely helps fill ALL the gaps in the kids need, I seriously don't know how we'd do it without her!

Here is some extra saving for you of the handmade kind.... I am running a coupon 20% off until 9/1/13 in SiblingStew's Etsy shop (the shop tab above will bring you right to it) use code back2school at checkout to receive the discount.

Feel free to leave comments on ways you save and as always thank you for stopping by
Well I've been trying to trying to redo the website yet again and once again had to start from scratch... hopefully this with be the last one of these updates   ;)


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